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We know your neighborhood.
Let us get to know you.

John R. Wiseman President and CEO picture

President and CEO

For more than 127 years we have served our friends and neighbors in the greater Somerville area. Yes, friends and neighbors, that's how we refer to the people we have been working with. They are not simply account numbers or one of a thousand mortgage holders. They are members of the community who have grown along with us.

We treasure the fact that, in some small way, the neighborhood professionals who work here have helped our customers grow. By providing sound financial advice on the many savings options the bank offers, customers can choose the one that helps them work toward their dreams. With affordable mortgage loans for our neighbors, we have helped them purchase their homes.  We serve the community and work closely with local businesses to help them get started, grow, and be successful.

In doing so, we have established a reputation throughout the greater Somerville community as an institution that builds strong, long-term, personal relationships with our neighbors. Those relationships have grown in a friendly, helpful, and mutually rewarding environment. We build relationships that last, because we truly understand the importance of local decision making.

We are your neighborhood bank, and we invite you to stop by our Davis Square, Teele Square or Medford Square office now, so you can experience the "service with a smile" that is the hallmark of Middlesex Federal Savings.

After all, "We're here to help."