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Whether you are saving for a vacation, a new car, retirement, or just looking to put funds aside for a rainy day, Middlesex Federal offers a variety of personal savings options including club, statement and passbook savings, money market, and certificate of deposit accounts.

Statement Savings
Put your savings to work for you with an interest bearing account that offers 24 Hour ATM access and online banking convenience.

Passbook Savings
The perfect starter savings account

Club Account
Build your holiday savings or vacation fund a little at a time. You decide how much and when. Automatic annual distribution and renewal. No minimum weekly or monthly deposit required.

Money Market
An investment alternative to a certificate of deposit that lets you earn a higher rate of interest without tying up your funds.

Certificates of Deposit
Short and long term fixed rate investment choices available. Transfer interest to another account while your principal balance continues to earn you money.

Take control of your future; plan for your retirement. Short and long term fixed rate IRA CDs and IRA Passbook Savings available.

Roth IRA: Enjoy tax free earnings and the option to withdraw funds before retirement without penalty for the purchase of your first home (certain restrictions apply).

Traditional IRA: Variable and fixed rate certificates can offer tax deferred earnings.

Education IRA: Save for your children’s education and benefit from tax free earnings on qualified expenses.

Online & Mobile Banking
Bank local, even when you're not.

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